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27 agosto, 2015

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website which goes lives today and is located at the new global landing page The site’s homepage features bright colors and an uncluttered design as well as including our newly designed logo and a switch from the color blue to orange. A few of our goals with the new website were to make it responsive, faster, easier to navigate and more user friendly.

As a ramp’s distributor leader in Spain, Portugal, North Africa & LATAM, it was important for us to make information regarding solutions, services and trends as easily accessible as possible for our current and prospective clients. We make it a point to provide our clients with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in our field. Our new site features an entire section of news dedicated to a listing of past & upcoming events. We have also post a blog inside our landing page where we offer more insight on knowledge, technology content and trends.

We also wanted to give our clients an opportunity to know us better; who we are as a company and the leaders driving the team. By browsing through our  sections, you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are, what we do as a company and what others are saying about us. The language is Spanish due to our focus on Spanish-speaking users. Anyhow, do not hesitate to contact us from any other country outside that range. We’ll do our best to support you in other languages too.

One of the most noticeable changes on our new site is our logo. Ramp Iberica has adopted a new logo with a more modern font and a bright orange color. When redesigning our logo we found studies show that the color orange evokes a sense of trust, loyalty, energy, security, creativity and strength – qualities we hope our clients will use when describing us. Our clients are always our first priority and we plan for it to stay that way.

You’ll find our new landing page site is divided into three main sections: Industrial, Disability and Accessibility. We shifted to a client-centric layout so our clients could easily navigate our site and locate the information they are seeking. Once you get in the proper section provides detailed descriptions of the different products & services Ramp Iberica proudly offers.

Our marketing team has worked collaboratively to put together a new website rich in information to be used as a resource just for you. We pride ourselves on being a thought leader in the ramps field and look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

If you experience any problems using the new website or if you have any questions, please contact us at

Marketing Department Team


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Nueva imagen coorporativa

26 junio, 2015

Hemos decidido aprovechar las hogueras de San Juan para quemar nuestra vieja imagen corporativa y lanzar la nueva. Esta semana los amigos de bancodepruebas estará currando en el lanzamiento de la nueva imagen corporativa.

Empezamos por modificar nuestras landing page general ubicada en, desde ella podréis enlazar a todas nuestras web, indiferentemente desde el sector os encontréis siguiendo la misma imagen corporativa, tanto para el sector industrial, como en el de accesibilidad, como en el de ayudas técnicas.

En las próximas semanas iremos actualizando las páginas webs, como muchos sabréis es un proceso lento y que no se realiza de la noche a la mañana, estamos seguros que os encantará como a nosotros, es un proyecto ambicioso de cambio, llevamos más de 11 años en la red y algunas de nuestras web necesitaban un cambio a responsiva, para que todos y desde cualquier dispositivo podáis encontrar el producto que precisáis.

Tendremos nuevas secciones, más productos, más información, nuevos canales de comunicación, más fotos, mejores precios y más opciones para comprar. Solo nos falta un poco de tiempo para que todo esté en marcha.

Os mantendremos informados a través de las redes sociales de las diferentes secciones de los cambios que estamos haciendo.

Si os encontráis en el caso de que la web no funciona por el mantenimiento, hacernos llegar un correo electrónico a o con vuestra consulta y nos pondremos inmediatamente a solventar vuestra duda o consulta.

Por otro lado y si no nos tienes en vuestras redes sociales nos encontráis en todas Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Instagram, síguenos y no te pierdas las promociones de lanzamiento que estamos preparando a precios demoledores.


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